Q.) What is the Shanghai cooperation organization? Discuss the relevance of the SCO for the world’s global and regional interests.

Ans– The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is an extremely permanent worldwide intergovernmental association. It was laid out in 2001 in Shanghai city of China. In under twenty years, SCO has arisen as a vital territorial association In the Eurasian space.

Shanghai cooperation organization comprises of–

  1. 40% Global population.
  2. 22% of the world’s landmass.
  3. 20% of global GDP.

Member countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization– there are 8 members state and for observed States.

Member states–

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Kyrgyzstan
  5. Russia
  6. Pakistan
  7. Tajikistan
  8. Uzbekistan

The Observer States–

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Belarus
  3. Iran
  4. Mongolia

In the historic meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in Astana in 2017, India and Pakistan became full members of the organization.

The main objectives of the organization are–

  1. Natural trust and neighbors.
  2. Effective cooperation, trade, politics, research, etc.
  3. Creates democratic political and economic order.
  4. To strengthen relations between member states.
  5. Mutual benefits trust, constitution.
  6. Joint efforts to maintain peace.

The supreme dynamic body in the Shanghai collaboration association is held up steek Council (HSC). The HSC meets one time per year and embraces rules and choices on immensely significant issues of the SCO. As of late, India interestingly facilitated the top of the public authority meeting of the SCO.

The center region of this virtual gathering was on fostering an arrangement to defeat the financial outcomes of Coronavirus in the locale. given the rising job and meaning of the SCO in the Eurasian region and then some, India is probably going to help more in the long haul. Subsequently, gives the open door to India to satisfy its public interest.

Relevance of SCO in India’s regional interest–

  1. Regional security.
  2. Dealing with China and Pakistan.
  3. Connect Central Asia.

Regional security– As is an integral part of Eurasian security grouping. it will enable India to–

  1. counter any country using religious extremists or terrorism.
  2. It bound other members of SCO to help in the prevention and eradication of extremists from the soil.

Managing China and Pakistan-SCO gives India a discussion where it can productively connect with both China and Pakistan in a territorial setting. The reality of respective commitment with China and Pakistan is furnished to draw in with the two nations in any event, during LAC spend off.

Interface with Central Asia-SCO is likewise an expected stage to propel India’s association with Central Asian strategy. It is very significant because it will improve the strategic position of India with Europe and Asia. The central Asia region is richly endowed with crude oil natural gas etc. Will improve the Civil Nuclear deal with Kazakhstan, TAPI pipeline, etc. Also, the golden crescent of opium production.

The SCO provides India a way for its outreach–

Global interest–

  1. Making the situation normal in Afghanistan.
  2. Checking China.
  3. Strategic balancing.

SCO members are stakeholders in bringing stability to Afghanistan. The raising extremism in Afghanistan is a threat to the whole Central Asian region. Many SCO members have already deployed their military in the border area. Russia has invited India to play its role in maintaining peace. in this context, SEO is a crucial platform to engage with members and make their plans for bringing peace.

The SCO is seen as the true counterweight to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The SCO can play a role in balancing west and east strategically. Russia has been a time-tested ally of India against the USA.

Challenges to India–

  1. Denial of direct land connectivity.
  2. Growing Russia-China convergence.
  3. The difference over BRI.
  4. India Pakistan rivalry.
  5. Maintaining Quad and SCO.

SCO stands apart as a participatory and dynamic multilateral intergovernmental Eurasian stage to discuss, examine and think on issues, for example, basic energy necessities, conventional and modern transportation joins exchange help arrangements and harmony and security around here.

India is probably to benefit in the long run, warily exploring through the difficulties. One of them is the disavowal of key land availability from India through Pakistan and Afghanistan to the Eurasian far comes to. The significant hindrance comes in the method of India’s hydrocarbon investigation which has been impeded by the absence of availability. One more stone in a clear way is the three-sided combination of interests and another developing condition between China, Pakistan, and Russia which should be checked at an essential level through tact.

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