Q.) What is e-governance? Discuss the position of e-governance implementation in Bihar? (65th BPSC/2020)

Ans– The e-Governance situation in India has made considerable progress, what’s more, isn’t simply restricted to the computerization of government workplaces. India is currently one of the main nations wandering into e-Governance. The concentrate currently is on stretching out the scope of administration to have significant sway on individuals at large.

World Bank defines e-governance as the use of Information and Communication Technology (WAN, LAN, Internet) by government Agencies that can transform the relationship with a citizen, business, and other arms of the government.

E-governance started in 2006 in India. in India in the present scenario due to the covid-19 pandemic, E-governance has increased. According to the UN e-governance index 2020, India has ranked 100th position.

Advantages of e-governance–

  1. access to information transparency.
  2. efficient Service Delivery.
  3. government at the doorsteps of citizens.
  4. empowerment of people.
  5. improvement in the outcome of government schemes.
  6. enhanced quality of services by any government department.
  7. it increases transparency, reduces cost, and has less corruption.

Pillars of e-governance–

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Technology
  4. Resource

Challenges to e-Governance–

  1. Economic challenges– cost, reusability, maintainability, portability.
  2. Social issues– accessibility, visual ability, use of local language, Awareness of e-governance.
  3. Technical issues– security, privacy.

In developing countries like India, increase the trust of the public in government activity due to fast and less corruption activity.

E-governance in Bihar–

From ancient times, Bihar was at the forefront in various fields of science and technology. At present time Bihar has done commendable work in the field of e-governance, many panchayats and villages started using ICT tools.

  1. E-Bihar Summit– It was organized in February 2014 and various schemes were launched.
  2. Bihar won many prizes in the field of e-governance. Bihar was awarded the digital India award and national e-governance award in the year 2015. Also, Bihar Agriculture University has been awarded the National e-governance award in 2020.
  3. Bihar Aadhaar authentication framework (BAAF) – It is an umbrella Framework for Aadhaar based transactions for making Service Delivery more efficient.
  4. E-Shakti project– For MGNREGA workers, Seamless transfer of their wages to the right beneficiary.
  5. E-prison– Approx. 55 prisons in Bihar will go paperless. all records of prisoners and jail officials will be computerized.
  6. Jankari call centers– Bihar people can submit their application for RTI. government of Bihar was awarded a gold medal for their works.
  7. E-panchayat– all panchayat and gram sewa work are computerized.
  8. E-district– All citizen has access to services at their doorstep. this all became possible with the E-district scheme of the government of Bihar.
  9. Bihar state-wide area network (BSWAN) – It has spread all over Bihar and provides IT infrastructure i.e. internet connectivity.
  10. E-procurement– implementation of electronic tendering.
  11. Bharat net– Recently pm inaugurated Optical Fibre network connectivity in Bihar.

Significance of e-governance in Bihar–

  1. Demonstrates benefits of e-governance projects.
  2. Separate funds to be allocated for training and upskilling.
  3. Uniform technological standards.
  4. A single integrated database of all the citizens.
  5. Automatic translation of content into regional language, state governments play a motivational role.

The significant test before the public authority is to expand the span of e-Governance administrations to rural India where 70% of the Indian populace lives. ICT penetration is very poor in rural regions. Indeed, even in the urban
areas, the benefits of e-Governance are being delighted in just by the princely part of the general public. In this way,
just a little segment of the Indian populace is being ready to use the advantages of e-Governance. In this way, a deliberate exertion must be made to coordinate e-Governance changes toward the average person

Although, Bihar Government and the state government have started a lot of e-governance services but still need to focus on many things for the future. we can say for the current situation that e-governance in the 21st century can fulfill our constitutional values like freedom and equality in an effective manner and make government more accountable to citizens. this will also strengthen our democracy towards world progress.

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