Q.) In the present scenario, the key issues in the country are “increasing population, hire health risks, degraded natural resources, and dwindling farmlands”. Discuss initiatives you would like to apply.

Ans– India is a vast country having approximately 17.5% population of the World’s population. but in terms of land, it occupies only 2.5 % of the total land area. India is suffering from issues like increasing population, health risks, degraded natural resources, and dividing farmlands. they are discussed below–

Increasing population– India is the second most populous country and with my present growth rate, it will soon become first in terms of population. most of the other problems like poverty, pollution, depletion of natural resources, etc. are directly or indirectly related to population

Scientific initiatives to control the population–

  1. Encourage females towards higher education which will result in delayed marriage.
  2. Use of media to promote family planning and aware people of the ill effects of more birth for females.
  3. Promoting the use of scientific methods of birth control like copper T, condoms, pills, etc.
  4. Linking social welfare schemes with several children and providing other initiatives for a small family. for example,– Gujarat, and Maharashtra have Some benefits linked to the two-child policy.

Higher health risk– lack of doctors and hospitals was always a problem for India but it caused effect during the second wave of covid-19.

Scientific initiatives–

  1. As the number of doctors is less, we can take use of the internet and provide online consultations. for example– many online platforms like Practo are providing online consultation through video conferencing with doctors.
  2. Due to the high rate of Transmission in case of virus infection like covid, we can use robots in place of nurses. for example– robots are used in hospitals in Kerala and other parts of India.
  3. Online linking of patient data so that patient records can represent online and can access digitally. Also, the government is planning to introduce it.
  4. An expert doctor can assist another doctor by using 5G Technology. for example– many operations in China happened by assisting online. degraded natural resources– due to overpopulation and excessive use and misuse of natural resources, there is a degradation of it. Measures–
  5. To reduce water bodies’ population, an effluent treatment plant Should we must open before releasing water from industry to rivers.
  6. To reduce air pollution, electric Vehicles should be more promoted.
  7. For many construction projects, if it is very important to cut trees then using modern methods they should be transplanted than cut.
  8. Glasses should be properly recycled and then dumping it into the soil which led to soil pollution.

Dwindling farmland– In India Average farm size is 1.08 hectares and when in faster Bihar it is 0.37 hectares. due to this farmers suffer a lot of problems.

Scientific initiatives–

  1. Encourage private companies to invest in agriculture and make arrangements with them.
  2. Invest more in old houses, warehouses, and transportation.
  3. Small farmers cannot afford modern machinery, the government should provide them for rent.
  4. More research on soil-friendly fertilizers, insecticides, and modified seeds.

These four areas are very important if you want to dream of so prosperous future for a country, we should work together to come forward with solutions for these.

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