Q.) The Indian Constitution postulates in its Preamble that “India shall be a socialist, secular, democratic republic”. What are the constitutional provisions to enforce this declaration? (64 BPSC/2019)

Ans- In the Preamble of the constitution find its origin in US Constitution. A basic assertion of the Constitution presents the aim of its designers, the set of experiences behind its creation, and the fundamental beliefs and principles of the country.

It gives us the target to achieve in the long run and propels the US towards the more democratization of our country.

The preamble gives us-

  1. Source of constitution
  2. Date of  adoption
  3. Statements of its objectives
  4. Nature of Indian states

The Preamble of the Indian constitution originated from the objective resolution of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Preamble as a guiding purpose-

Although not enforceable in a court of law its acts as a summary of the constitution and helps us in the interpretation of articles where language is found ambiguous.

The Preamble gives the highest authority to the people of India.

All the articles laws by-laws rules and regulations framed conform to the keywords of the Preamble thus helping in calibration.

At the point when required, it additionally assists with opening the brain of the composers of the constitution.


It proclaims India to be a sovereign communist mainstream Democratic Republic Nation.

It promotes to all the citizens to provide justice Liberty equality and fraternity.

Not found in the original text of the Preamble the words “socialist” and “secular” word added with the 42nd Constitutional Amendment which ensures the faith and importance given to it by different governments.

Starting with the phrase to the people of India is a promise to ourselves to fulfill the conditions that we imposed on ourselves.

Philosophy and spirit-

Realizing the importance it has been called with different Personalities-

KM Munshi called Preamble as “Horoscope of our constitution”.

Feature to the constitution

Soul of our constitution

The Preamble addresses the essential thing upsides of political morals and the strict on which the constitution is based Ambedkar in his concluding speech of constituent assembly opened the interrelationship and deep meaning of some of the terms-

Political democracy is related to social democracy and social democracy is a way of life that recognizes liberty equality and fraternity

 Liberty cannot be isolated from equality and equality has no meaning without the fraternity.

The importance of the Preamble has been declared as part of our constitution in the Keshav Nand Bharti Case (1973) and others as an internal part of the constitution in the LIC of India case (1995).


Thus what the makers of our constitution gave us in 1949 will always be our guiding key to elaborating the terms and meaning of our constitution.

we can still relate to ourselves with the text of the Preamble from social bases when it used to be on the way of the very first page.

The text can also be brought into our daily life by introducing it in social pledges to await the feeling of a responsible citizen from an early age.

The Preamble specifies the sources of authority it is indeed the soul of the constitution its introductory statement explains the purpose of the Constitution even the Supreme Court held the Preamble is the key to understanding the Minds of the makers.

 Pandit Thakur Dass Bhargava said that the Preamble is the most precious part of the Constitution it is the soul of the Constitution it is a jewel set in the constitution. 

The whole preamble Of the Indian constitution wants to guide us to understand the mind of foundry fathers and leaders to create a great Nation. 

The Indian constitution is itself dynamic and evolving due to an amendment process structure to achieve the ideas of the Indianized form of socialism which has a place of existence in both public and private to eradicate social evils of all forms. 

The Preamble of the Indian constitution was drafted at the end of the constitution-making process to ensits are itcoherentence with the provisions of the Indian Constitution.

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