Q.) The excessive number of political parties is a very despicable aspect of Indian politics. Explain the fact in the concept of Bihar.

Ans– Political parties are voluntary organizations or groups of individuals who share a common interest in political ideas and views and try to capture political power through constitutional means and a desire for the national interest.

Article 19(i) Of the Indian constitution guarantees the right to form an association and party and the People Presentation Act of 1951 allows a candidate or political party to contest elections.

Political parties play out a critical endeavor in government. They join people to achieve control of public power, encourage methodologies positive for their tendencies or the social affairs that help them, and orchestrate and persuade residents to pick their competitor for office. But especially drawn in with the action of government at all levels, philosophical gatherings are not the public power itself, and the Constitution does not notify them. India follows a multi-party framework at both general and territorial levels.

Today there are state national parties and 52 state parties and many more than 2500 unregistered listed parties are working to make democracy more functioning.

However, too many political parties are the bane of Indian politics because–

  1. It provides stability to the government.
  2. When too many parties come together to form a collision there has been always a chance of instability in their political ideas and views.
  3. The different ideology of different parties develops another type of change in their period of government.

Due to differences and visions and ideologies–

  1. lack of role in political implementation.
  2. Lack of support to other working parties is a threat to balance.
  3. The rise in the decision of candidates from one party to another in the lure of posts of ministry.

The fundamental reason for political parties is to select contenders for public office and to get however many of them chosen as could be expected under the circumstances. When chosen, these authorities attempt to accomplish the objectives of their party through regulation and program drives.

Many individuals don’t think about it along these lines, enlisting as a Democrat or Republican makes them individuals from an ideological group. Ideological groups need however many individuals required as could be expected under the circumstances. Most individuals play a genuinely latent job, just deciding in favor of their party’s competitors at political race time. Some become more dynamic and work as authorities in the party or elect to convince individuals to cast a ballot. The most aggressive individuals might choose to campaign for office themselves.

In the concept of Bihar–

  1. Bihar elections have always been a center of your curiosity for all of India due to their very nature.
  2. Too many political parties create chaos and struggle for power.
  3. As we have seen 40 chief ministers and total eight times of presidential rules applied to Bihar due to the conflict between the multi parties.
  4. we have seen a lot of fuss for power gain in the last elections between the parties like Rashtriya Janata Dal, LJP, BJP, JDU, HUM, VIP, and many more.
  5. So, multiparty changes the voting behavior of voters.
  6. Too many-particle parties divert the real attraction of development.
  7. Caste, Creed, and religion begin to be used as a weapon to lure voters.
  8. Many political parties are never allowed a real contest or election as no one gets full support and the majority does the coalition government forms which leg stability and risk-taking decisions.
  9. Too many-particle parties have resulted in an increase in the deviation of MLA/ MP from one party to another.
  10. Cases of bribery and purchasing MLA and MPS become frequent in the scenario.
  11. There has been always a long for during budget formation and scheme implementation.

However, Political parties are not policymaking associations in themselves. They positively take positions on significant strategy questions, particularly to give options in contrast to the place of whichever party is in power. Political parties make democracy smoother. they provide an idea of dispersion between a candidate and the ruling party. they also represent people as democracy is called people’s government. their eyes on local issues of development, social justice, unemployment, etc. So, their role should be made more effective through proper reforms.

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