Q.) Examine the power and working of the election commission of India and its role in free and fair elections.

Ans– Article 324 of the Indian Constitution accommodates an autonomous Election Commission for the administration, heading, and control of the electing job and the direction of decisions in India. These words in the constitution are vital, for this they give the Election Commission an unequivocal job in Virtually all that to do with decisions. The Supreme Court has agreed with the interpretation of the constitution.

  1. The election commission is not concerned with collections of panchayats and municipalities.
  2. To review the election commission of India, there is a choosing official in each state.

Elections under Election Commission, that are visited under ECI (324) –

  1. Parliament
  2. State legislature
  3. President
  4. Vice president

Structure of election commission–

  1. From 1950-to 1989, ECI was a single-member body.
  2. From October 1989, it became a three-member body on account of lowering the age of voting from 21 to 18.
    However, in 1990 again reverted to single-member and then in 1993, again three members.

These days, there are two Chief Election officials are delegated by the president on the counsel of the Council of Ministers. Those are the chief election commissioner and Chief Election Commissioner.

The two election commissioners share equivalent powers to take all choices connected with decisions as an aggregate body. There is an equal salary and allowances and other facilities which are similar to those of a judge of the Supreme Court.

In the event of distinction of assessment among the chief election commissioners Then the choice is chosen by the greater part.

The election commission of India is an independent body, the members provide the security of tenure under the constitution and hold office for 60 or 65 years.

The Election Commission of India can be only removed by a special majority of the both Houses of Parliament.

Power and functions of ECI–

  1. To supervise the presentation of an up-to-date voters list.
  2. It remains the time for the election and prepares for election schedules.
  3. Election Commission of parts of the organization of political parties and allot symbols to each of them.
  4. To act as a court for settling disputes related to reorganization and allotment of political parties and symbols.
  5. To determine the code of conduct to be observed by parties and the candidate at the time of elections.
  6. To advise the president on matters related to disqualification of members of parliament.

Role in free and fair elections–

  1. The genuine trial of any election systems framework is its capacity to guarantee a free and fair electing process. we maintain that the majority rules government should be converted into the truth of the ground.
  2. ECI can cancel the poles in event of both capturing and violence and other irregularities. For this Election Commission had launched the C-VIGIL app.
  3. It can differ from conducting elections when I think that time is not appropriate for the same.
  4. During the election it can empower an,y authorities for the smooth functioning of elections.

However, there were many instances where ECI was not the same as per justice e to the role or not make adequate did powers of checks.

  1. In the electoral Bond, the ECI has no role in checking irregularities in funding.
  2. Apprehensions about the even are still there in the public domain and in many instances counting votes became i.
  3. ECI issues functioning in favor of rolfavorarties like comments were made by the other political parties.
  4. ECI was not able to give effect to the model case of conducting the actual position.

The above discussion, tells us that the Election Commission of India is very important to conduct free and fair elections and as an independent body its role become more important and crucial. The decades of the Indian Polity witnessed the success of the election commission in conducting elections and it has made a mark in the world that how fair and, in less time, conduct elections and produce results. in this manner, it is far better than authorities in the USA as the recent presidential election has gone into a huge dispute.

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