Q.) As per the Bihar economic survey 2019-20, the state’s female labor force participation rate is abysmal compared to the all-India average. Discuss the reasons behind this?

Bihar economic survey 2019-20

Ans- Labour force participation rate (LFPR) Is characterized as the number of people in the workforce per 1000 people in a particular topography. We talk about the highlights of the economic survey 2019-20. According to Bihar economic survey report, 2019-20 the findings indicate abysmal low participation of females in Bihar compared to the National level. …

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Q.) “Champaran satyagraha is a watershed in the freedom struggle.” Elucidate. (64 BPSC/2019)

Champaran satyagraha

Ans– We talk about the Champaran satyagraha, champaran satyagraha upsc. Champaran saw the primary political development driven by Mahatma Gandhi in 1917 against the Indigo grower of Champaran. Mahatma Gandhi return to India from South Africa in 1915. After that, he was requested by peasants from Bihar, Ramkumar Shukla, and Lawyer Brij Kishore Prasad to …

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Q.) Why is the constitution of India considered to be a living document? Explain the challenges to this living legacy? (62 BPSC/2017)

Constitution of India

Ans- Constitution is a rule book for democratic governance of the country. As this document is made by human beings. It is unimaginable to inside tall disparities.  So, the constitution could change according to the Aspiring need of the country. We talk about the introduction to the Constitution of India. In the case of India even …

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