Q.) The food processing sector has long been seen as a processing route to economic transformation in Bihar, but their progress remains stunted. Discuss.

food processing

Ans– Food processing is characterized as changing Agricultural Products into food that is in a consumable structure for enhancing it. In light of the actual properties of the eventual outcome, the service of food handling ventures classifies food handling under two sub-classifications— Manufacturing cycle Value-added process The food processing industry in Bihar is progressively viewed …

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Q.) National education policy 2020 aims to transform India into a vibrant knowledge society and global knowledge superpower by making education accessible, equitable, and inclusive. Discuss.

education policy

Ans– It is the destiny of a nation that is shaped in its classroom. Hence to meet the demand of the changed Global order demanding knowledge best economy to utilize India’s demographic dividend a new education policy is formulated with the progressive objective. To replace the national education policy, 1986 The national education policy 2020 …

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Q.) What is ethanol blending in petrol and why it can be beneficial for India? Also, discuss the scope of Ethanol blending industries and associated challenges in Bihar.

ethanol blending

Ans– Ethanol is ethyl alcohol and its 90% pure form is used to mix with petrol to obtain a low-cost fuel at minimal prices. Ethanol has oxygen which will help to improve combustion and reduce vehicular emission. Here we talking about Ethanol Blending. It also reduces the losses and value addition in the sugarcane industry. …

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Q.) Discuss in detail, what role can science and technology flat to control the job crisis and sustain the development of the nation due to the covid-19 situation. (65th BPSC/2020)

job crisis

Ans– The pandemic covid-19, create havoc at the National level with various issues such as job crisis, 100 days of complete lockdown from March to me 2020 created jobless, social distancing, and no contact that is instructed in economic activity. Migration of flavors from cities to rural India, Healthcare infrastructure burden, etc. One of his …

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Q.) The excessive number of political parties is a very despicable aspect of Indian politics. Explain the fact in the concept of Bihar.

Political Parties

Ans– Political parties are voluntary organizations or groups of individuals who share a common interest in political ideas and views and try to capture political power through constitutional means and a desire for the national interest. Article 19(i) Of the Indian constitution guarantees the right to form an association and party and the People Presentation …

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Q.) While to different nations, The Indian Ocean is only one of the sea regions to India it is the fundamental ocean and has a future is subject to the opportunity of its waters. Discuss.

Indian Ocean

Ans- The significance of the Indian Ocean is featured by one of the disavowed negotiators JL Nehru as “History has shown that anything power controls the Indian Ocean has, it is the primary occurrence, in India ocean exchange under her control, and in second India’s Independence itself”. The above assertion shows the significance of the …

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Q.) Highlight India’s Population Policy since independence. For India, the current phase of demographic transition is both a challenge and an opportunity. Discuss.

Population Policy

Ans– India has a population of more than 130 crores that has proved to be both boon and bane at different dimensions. We talk about India’s Population Policy. On one hand, we have been rising as a world market while on the other hand, we have been facing difficulties to cope with the situation like …

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Q.) What is the Shanghai cooperation organization? Discuss the relevance of the SCO for the world’s global and regional interests.

Shanghai Cooperation

Ans– The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is an extremely permanent worldwide intergovernmental association. It was laid out in 2001 in Shanghai city of China. In under twenty years, SCO has arisen as a vital territorial association In the Eurasian space. Shanghai cooperation organization comprises of– 40% Global population. 22% of the world’s landmass. 20% of …

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Q.) Do you agree with the view that our constitution has given fundamental rights on one hand and taken them back on the other hand?

fundamental rights

Ans– Fundamental rights are cherished in the third part of the constitution from article 12 to article 35. Section III of the Constitution is portrayed as the Magna Carta of India. It is meant for providing the idea of political democracy and preventing the establishment of despotic rule in the country. The people of India …

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Q.) Describe the impact of globalisation on Indian agriculture. Evaluate the production and productivity trends in Indian agriculture since 1991. What practical measures should be adopted to enhance agricultural production and productivity in Bihar? (BPSC 65th/2020)

impact of globalisation on Indian agriculture

Ans– India after independence is mainly an agrarian society where more than 70% of the population depends on agricultural work but the production of food grains is not sufficient. We talk about the impact of globalisation on Indian agriculture. The first five-year plan focused on food security but after 1965-66 due to political and environmental …

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