Q.) In India “Make in India” is a type of Swadeshi Movement launched by the Modi government. To promote this movement, discuss the role of Science and Technology citing the examples in detail.

Ans– Make in India program was launched by the Modi government in 2014, swadeshi movement, just after ascending the chair of Prime Minister of the world’s biggest democracy having the second most populated and one of the largest consumer markets in the world.

Make in India is a public program started by the Indian government to advance venture, advancement, abilities improvement, and assemble a top-notch fabricating environment in the country. Since its commencement, the public authority has declared a few stages to further develop the business climate by smoothing out cycles of carrying on with work in the country. However, results under the Make in India drive are blended.

The national initiative was launched to encourage entrepreneur culture in-country for better branding and marketing to establish India as a Global design manufactured hub. in hope of Facilitating– investment, skill development, and innovation This was seen as a major leapfrogging in the country after adopting the LPG policy. This targeted the said of a clear mission and vision of government.

This can be considered as a type of Swadeshi movement. but unlike it, this has been launched in the era of globalization market holding is the major product to accomplish targets of $5 trillion economies up to 2024. However, Mahatma Gandhi’s Swadeshi movement was for a broader incense but make India have a similar manifestation of self-reliance.

In this development of make in India, Technology will assume an extremely essential part. Since make in India has the following sectors involved–

  1. Aviation
  2. Telecom
  3. Information technology
  4. Biotech
  5. Space
  6. Thermal Power
  7. Oil and gas
  8. Defense
  9. Railways
  10. Mining

In this multitude of parts, Science and innovation will assume an extremely significant part. Since India is a country with a major and skilled workforce that is tense to low productivity itself. despite these is ISRO, DRDO, CSIR, NPL, etc. have played an important role in instability in its status in their field.

  1. Development of indigenous missile– Aakash, Nag, etc. having the capability of the intercontinental mark also.
  2. Launching of 104 satellites Simultaneously and set a world record.
  3. The use of indigenous technology in Mangalyaan, and Chandrayaan are some good examples.
  4. “Mission Shakti” Launch to deploy satellites in lower Earth orbit.
  5. Use of NETRA, in landing and taking a flight.
  6. As the largest vaccine producer capital. India even set precedent at the time of the pandemic in developing the covid vaccine.
  7. Launching of freight carrier trains such as Vasuki, and Sheshnaag are the world’s largest freight trains.

Apart from the various other steps has been taken as well as undergoing. some of them are as follows–

  1. E-management of Inspire Award scheme.
  2. Information on public computerized proficiency mission.
  3. Science and Technology scheme for development of Khadi and village industries.

The combined efforts of various departments and Ministries health in achieving the target in the given period. despite the following challenges that could be easily noticed–

  1. Digital literacy
  2. Traditional mindset
  3. Lack of coordination, funds, and efforts.
  4. Enthusiasm for ineffective Technology.

The Make in India program intends to transform India into an assembling, planning, and advancement center to get enormous ventures. This drive is without a doubt a motivating drive, which has diminished the gamble elements of putting resources into India for some unfamiliar organizations. The accessibility of talented workers, a business cordial climate, a great framework, and low assembling cost are a few circumstances expected for the progress of the Make in India campaign.

Governments effort from making in India to vocal for local has played a vital role. every year Indian Science conference, science hackathon, and debate discussion help in carrying out innovations, ideas, and initiatives. since India is the software capital of the world so we have the potential of being a global manufacturing hub. Though the primary objective of making in India is using science and technology in upcoming years.

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