Q.) Discuss in detail, what role can science and technology flat to control the job crisis and sustain the development of the nation due to the covid-19 situation. (65th BPSC/2020)

Ans– The pandemic covid-19, create havoc at the National level with various issues such as job crisis, 100 days of complete lockdown from March to me 2020 created jobless, social distancing, and no contact that is instructed in economic activity. Migration of flavors from cities to rural India, Healthcare infrastructure burden, etc. One of his job crises was drawn to live a poverty life or be able to less consumption expenditure.

Make in India‘ is one of a few government techniques intended to support the reception of arising advancements across the more extensive economy. In May 2020, the public authority reported a progression of measures to make India all the more mechanically confident in eight vital areas, as a feature of a thorough improvement bundle to adapt to the simultaneous monetary stoppage and COVID-19 pandemic.

Known as Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-dependent India), the upgrade bundle considers more noteworthy private-area cooperation in areas until recently generally held for state-claimed bodies, specifically: coal, minerals, guard assembling, air terminals, and airspace the board, power circulation, social framework, space, and thermal power.

With help of Science and Technology, the Job crisis can sustainably be handheld. the technology is also able to help in the development of the nation even covid-19 situatprevailsvail.

  1. Tele-medicine or tele-law – Instruction via video conferencing or contacting with electronic media give consultant service efficiently and effectively a to give employment opportunity.
  2. Blogging– This is an emerging Trend and has huge potential to grow beyond its own space, which attracts more people for the job and sustainable manner.
  3. Digital learning– Many people engaged in providing learning facilities digitally, which helps to earn money and reach each corner of the country or even the world.
  4. Gig- economic workers –The new emerging concept of economic activity also helps the creation of new jobs for skilled and semi-skilled workers.
  5. Industrial activities– With help of the prescribed protocol for covid-19, the industry can be run up to full scale. Science and Technology help to minimize the Physical contract of people and increase production capacity.

Beginning around 2015 there has been a consistent decrease in the portion of R&D performed by the public authority area. In equal, the personal business endeavor area has raised its commitment to 42% of the aggregate. In principle, this is a positive pattern, the report notes, as it implies that R&D is progressively being performed by the very area that can change over research yield into business items and cycles.

Sustainable development of the nation–

  1. Education sector– eBook facilities, online learning, digital literacy, eco-friendly environment for persons with disabilities.
  2. Health sector– Building health sector infrastructure with help of automation machines, lab testing facilities, with help of technology, e-training doctors, nurses, etc.
  3. Economy sector– Online banking, digital banking, transaction with different groups.
  4. The service sector– less contact with physical work with help of technology.
  5. Agricultural sector– advanced harvesting, Sewing tools, machinery, transportation, and cold storage chain facility.
  6. Industrial sector– safe transportation, production, and raw material access.
  7. Governance– Governance redressal mechanism with help of digital, dispute resolution mechanism, online monitoring, real-time management, etc.
  8. Technology area– it also helps of own advancement to the next level, to meet the current demand of science and technology in the field of education, agriculture health, medicine, robotics, space, information technology, etc.

The Information innovation and Information Technology empowered Services (IT-ITeS) area is a field-shaping an essential piece of India’s corporate today. It is going through fast advancement and is assisting with changing the state of Indian Business Standards. This area incorporates programming improvement, consultancies, programming the board, online administrations, and business process outsourcing (BPO).

Science and Technology have their advantages but some disadvantages and a limited number of job opportunities, a side effect of misuse, and abuse of Technology. Overall Science and Technology are helping to control the job crisis and to sustain the development of the nation.

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