Q.) Identify the major pressure groups in Indian politics and examine their role in it. (62th BPSC/2017)

pressure groups

Ans– Pressure groups are defined as the Group of people who come along for a common goal that is to pressure their interest in government policies and in that manner, they can influence the goal of the government in their respective interests. Pressure groups don’t challenge decisions and they may not have political programs. Pressure …

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Q.) Examine the power and working of the election commission of India and its role in free and fair elections.

election commission

Ans– Article 324 of the Indian Constitution accommodates an autonomous Election Commission for the administration, heading, and control of the electing job and the direction of decisions in India. These words in the constitution are vital, for this they give the Election Commission an unequivocal job in Virtually all that to do with decisions. The …

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Q.) Critically examine the role of the Governor in state politics in India, particularly in Bihar. Discuss the issues related to abuses of the post of Governor in state politics.


Ans– The Governor is the constitutional and Chief Executive head of state whose powers are specified in part VI of the constitution. Additionally goes about as a representative of the Central Government. The governor structures a significant piece of the state leader. Roles and responsibilities– Fills in as the state chief executive officer and regulates …

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Q.) Analyze tension areas between the center and states in Indian Federal System. Explain the recent trends in Indian federalism? (59th BPSC/2016)

Indian Federal System

Ans– Article 1 of the Indian Constitution declares “India is a union of States”. We talk about Indian Federal System. Although the word federalism or Federation is nowhere used in the constitution in Spirit and essence tab dishes India is a federal state inherited from the Canadian constitution. What makes India a federal state– Independent …

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Q.) The Indian Constitution postulates in its Preamble that “India shall be a socialist, secular, democratic republic”. What are the constitutional provisions to enforce this declaration? (64 BPSC/2019)


Ans- In the Preamble of the constitution find its origin in US Constitution. A basic assertion of the Constitution presents the aim of its designers, the set of experiences behind its creation, and the fundamental beliefs and principles of the country. It gives us the target to achieve in the long run and propels the …

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Q.) Why is the constitution of India considered to be a living document? Explain the challenges to this living legacy? (62 BPSC/2017)

Constitution of India

Ans- Constitution is a rule book for democratic governance of the country. As this document is made by human beings. It is unimaginable to inside tall disparities.  So, the constitution could change according to the Aspiring need of the country. We talk about the introduction to the Constitution of India. In the case of India even …

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