Q.) Discuss in detail, what role can science and technology flat to control the job crisis and sustain the development of the nation due to the covid-19 situation. (65th BPSC/2020)

job crisis

Ans– The pandemic covid-19, create havoc at the National level with various issues such as job crisis, 100 days of complete lockdown from March to me 2020 created jobless, social distancing, and no contact that is instructed in economic activity. Migration of flavors from cities to rural India, Healthcare infrastructure burden, etc. One of his …

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Q.) Highlight India’s Population Policy since independence. For India, the current phase of demographic transition is both a challenge and an opportunity. Discuss.

Population Policy

Ans– India has a population of more than 130 crores that has proved to be both boon and bane at different dimensions. We talk about India’s Population Policy. On one hand, we have been rising as a world market while on the other hand, we have been facing difficulties to cope with the situation like …

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Q.) Describe the impact of globalisation on Indian agriculture. Evaluate the production and productivity trends in Indian agriculture since 1991. What practical measures should be adopted to enhance agricultural production and productivity in Bihar? (BPSC 65th/2020)

impact of globalisation on Indian agriculture

Ans– India after independence is mainly an agrarian society where more than 70% of the population depends on agricultural work but the production of food grains is not sufficient. We talk about the impact of globalisation on Indian agriculture. The first five-year plan focused on food security but after 1965-66 due to political and environmental …

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Q.) Discuss the significance and limitations of the SDG India index? Also, enumerate the various steps taken by the government of India to achieve SDG goals.

SDG India index

Ans– Sustainable development goal (SDG) is an improvement that resolves the present issues without compromising the essentials for people in the future. In 2015, the United Nations general gathering took on 17 objectives with 169 related focuses to be accomplished by 2030. We talk about the SDG India index. in 2018, NITI Aayog assigned SDG …

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Q.) Examine the role of the Jeevika program of Bihar in the social and economic strengthening of rural areas of the state.


Ans– Jeevika is a Bihar rural livelihood project that was announced on 2nd Oct. 2007, it is helped by World Bank it intends to enable the provincial poor by making independent local area Institutions and improving financial condition through practical business. Under Jeevika, self-help groups (SHGs) and their alliances at the town level and group …

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Q.) What are the main constraints in the Rapid economic development of Bihar? How can these constraints be removed?

Rapid economic development

Ans– Economic backwardness is a manifestation of various things like poverty, law, manufacturing activities, utilizing potential resources, economic development, etc. In case Bihar state is grouped under HDI performance but the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar changed the fate of the state at a rapid pace. Bihar has gone through a wonderful circle back …

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Q.) What is the significance of cooperative insurance economic development of a country? Discuss the challenges faced by Cooperative in India and the steps taken by government to strengthen the Cooperative movement. (52 BPSC/2009)


Ans- According to International Labour Organization, a cooperatives society is the independent association of people united willfully to meet the social monetary, and social requirements through mutually claimed and fairly controlled. Two basic principles on which the cooperative society is standing are– Principle of collectiveness. Principle of well-established democracy. Features of cooperative society– Common economic …

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Q.) Presently highlight the major problems of Indian agriculture and suggest ways to remove them and discuss the major programs being run by the government for the development of Indian agriculture.

Indian agriculture

Ans- Farming is the foundation of the Indian economy. We talk about Indian Agriculture. This area assumes a huge part is of rural livelihood, work, and national food security. Practically 70% of India’s country families rely essentially upon agriculture for their livelihood. While the commitment of agriculture and allied areas to GDP is almost 17%. …

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Q.) As per the Bihar economic survey 2019-20, the state’s female labor force participation rate is abysmal compared to the all-India average. Discuss the reasons behind this?

Bihar economic survey 2019-20

Ans- Labour force participation rate (LFPR) Is characterized as the number of people in the workforce per 1000 people in a particular topography. We talk about the highlights of the economic survey 2019-20. According to Bihar economic survey report, 2019-20 the findings indicate abysmal low participation of females in Bihar compared to the National level. …

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