Q.) Discuss the issue of Non-Performing Assets in the Indian banking sector and the concept of ‘Bad bank’ to tackle this issue.

Indian banking sector

Ans– Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) are a significant testing issue in the financial area these days. A seriously wild and solid infection severely influences the soundness of the financial area and the economy of the countries. Today we talk about Indian Banking Sector, the Indian banking sector overview, and explain emerging trends in Indian banking sector, …

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Q.) Evaluate the production and productivity trends in Indian agriculture since 1991. What practical measures should be adopted to enhance agricultural production and productivity in Bihar?

Indian agriculture

Ans– Indian agriculture has been going through good changes later enough. These progressions are appearances of enormous scope commercialization and broadening occurring in the horticultural area. Today we talk about Indian agriculture, India in agriculture, agriculture Indian, indian agriculture statistics research institute, Indian agriculture problems, agriculture Indian economy, Indian agriculture minister, and Indian agriculture jobs. …

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Q.) Contract farming has many advantages, however it suffers from market failures. elaborate on what the government can do to tackle this market failure.

Contract farming

Ans– The term contract farming is not a new term for the world it all started in the late 19th century in Japan. then in India by the European planters during the British rule, the crops like tobacco, sugar, Jute, cotton, rubber, spices, Indigo, etc. were brought under contract farming. From that point forward, the …

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Q.) In the present scenario, the key issues in the country are “increasing population, hire health risks, degraded natural resources, and dwindling farmlands”. Discuss initiatives you would like to apply.


Ans– India is a vast country having approximately 17.5% population of the World’s population. but in terms of land, it occupies only 2.5 % of the total land area. India is suffering from issues like increasing population, health risks, degraded natural resources, and dividing farmlands. they are discussed below– Increasing population– India is the second …

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Q.) Giving a brief introduction to the current Ukraine crisis, Discuss the various challenges and opportunities for Indian interest in the changing geopolitics of the region.

Ukraine crisis

Ans– The conflict of Russia-Ukraine is presently the biggest Attack by one state on one more in Europe since World War 2 and the first since the Balkan struggle of the 1990s. Today we talk about the Ukraine crisis. With the intrusion of Ukraine, arrangements like the Minsk convention of 2014 and the Russia-NATO demonstration …

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Q.) Discuss the possible benefits and associated concerns with India’s membership of QUAD.


Ans– Quadrilateral security dialogue (QUAD) Is an informal strategic partnership of four countries that is India, Japan, the United States in Australia. it was formed in 2007 but did not work. it again gets revived in 2017 due to the emergence of the importance of Indo- The pacific region and the increasing influence of China. …

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Q.) “Agneepath scheme will not dent but improve Indian Army’s combat capabilities.” Evaluate the statement. Several parts of the country witness violent protests in the wake of the new model.


Ans- The Government has uncovered another Agneepath conspire for enlisting officials across the three administrations of the Army. This new protection enrolment change has been cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Security and will become persuading immediately. The authorities picked under the game plan will be designated “Agniveers.”The developments in the enrollment strategy of non-official …

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Q.) Are internet shutdowns healthy for democracy in India? Discuss the socioeconomic impact of the internet shutdown in India?

internet shutdowns

Ans– Healthy democracies are those democracies where sovereign governments protect the rights of citizens via balancing civil liberties and securities than digital curbs. Government overall keeps on conveying internet shutdowns and organization disturbances to subdue mass fights, prevent political race misfortunes, build up military overthrows, or cut off struggle regions from the rest of the …

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Q.) The food processing sector has long been seen as a processing route to economic transformation in Bihar, but their progress remains stunted. Discuss.

food processing

Ans– Food processing is characterized as changing Agricultural Products into food that is in a consumable structure for enhancing it. In light of the actual properties of the eventual outcome, the service of food handling ventures classifies food handling under two sub-classifications— Manufacturing cycle Value-added process The food processing industry in Bihar is progressively viewed …

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Q.) National education policy 2020 aims to transform India into a vibrant knowledge society and global knowledge superpower by making education accessible, equitable, and inclusive. Discuss.

education policy

Ans– It is the destiny of a nation that is shaped in its classroom. Hence to meet the demand of the changed Global order demanding knowledge best economy to utilize India’s demographic dividend a new education policy is formulated with the progressive objective. To replace the national education policy, 1986 The national education policy 2020 …

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