Q.) Discuss the possible benefits and associated concerns with India’s membership of QUAD.


Ans– Quadrilateral security dialogue (QUAD) Is an informal strategic partnership of four countries that is India, Japan, the United States in Australia. it was formed in 2007 but did not work. it again gets revived in 2017 due to the emergence of the importance of Indo- The pacific region and the increasing influence of China. …

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Q.) What do you understand about “one health”? Why India needs a one health vision to take emerging zoonotic threats like covid-19.

one health

Ans– One health is a concept of interconnecting multi-disciplinary health approaches by human, animal, and environment interface. it required collaboration, coordination, and dialogue among local, regional, national and global levels so that emerging Institutions and communicable disasters could be dealt with properly. Current status of zoonotic threats– According to various Global reports, 75% of infectious …

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Q.) Bring out the difference between 4G and 5G technology. Highlighting the potential of 5G, discuss the challenges in rolling out 5G technology in India.

5G technology

Ans– 5G in the fifth-generation mobile network after 1G,2G,3G, and 4G. 5G technology achieves faster web speed, low inaction, more prominent trustworthiness, colossal association, limit, extended openness, and more uniform client experience. India’s greatest spectrum sell-off, which will make ready for fast 5G administrations, is probably going to finish up by July-end and the rollout …

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Q.) What is Cloudburst? What are its effects? Why are they more frequent in the Himalayan region?


Ans– A Cloudburst alludes to an outrageous measure of downpour that occurs in a brief period, in some cases joined by hailstorms and thunder. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) defines it as unexpected precipitation exceeding 100 mm for our geographical area approximately 20 to 30 square kilometers. As demonstrated by a report on streak flood, downpours …

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Q.) Describe the People’s participation in Bihar during the Quit India Movement of 1942.

Quit India Movement

Ans– Quit India Movement aur “Bharat Chodo Andolan” was the famous struggle in our freedom movement, also known as the August revolution. Congress working committee at its meeting in Bombay on the 5th of August 1942, passed a resolution later called the Quit India Movement. Causes of Quit India Movement– increase in the economic depression. …

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Q.) The recently released IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (SRC) Has been considered a ‘code red’ for mankind. In this specific situation, talk about the different worries brought up in the report with a unique spotlight on India. Additionally, list the measures given by the report.


Ans-The forerunner to IPCC was a consortium of worldwide researchers called warning gathering on ozone-depleting substances. This was set up in 1985, by the United Nations climate Program (UNEP), the global Council for science (ICSO), and the world Meteorological association. The body is officially moved up to the IPCC in 1988 despite progressively Complex and …

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Q.) Since the end of the cold war, NATO has struggled to redefine its role and relevance. Critically analyze.


Ans– North Atlantic Treaty association (NATO) is a tactical partnership laid out by North Atlantic Treaty, likewise called the Washington settlement in April 1949 by the United States, Canada, and a few Western European Nations to give aggregate protection from the Soviet Union. at present, there are 30 member states in NATO and its central …

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Q.) “Agneepath scheme will not dent but improve Indian Army’s combat capabilities.” Evaluate the statement. Several parts of the country witness violent protests in the wake of the new model.


Ans- The Government has uncovered another Agneepath conspire for enlisting officials across the three administrations of the Army. This new protection enrolment change has been cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Security and will become persuading immediately. The authorities picked under the game plan will be designated “Agniveers.”The developments in the enrollment strategy of non-official …

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Q.) Are internet shutdowns healthy for democracy in India? Discuss the socioeconomic impact of the internet shutdown in India?

internet shutdowns

Ans– Healthy democracies are those democracies where sovereign governments protect the rights of citizens via balancing civil liberties and securities than digital curbs. Government overall keeps on conveying internet shutdowns and organization disturbances to subdue mass fights, prevent political race misfortunes, build up military overthrows, or cut off struggle regions from the rest of the …

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Q.) Discuss why Gandhian philosophy and the political program had a wide popular appeal. Discuss.

Gandhian Philosophy

Ans– Nationalist politics before the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi was participated only by a limited group of Western-educated and trained professionals. We talk about Gandhian philosophy. They belonged to certain specific caste and communities, certain language speaking and economic groups, Living primarily in the presidency towns. The arrival of Gandhiji in 1915 and his entry …

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