Q.) Giving a brief introduction to the current Ukraine crisis, Discuss the various challenges and opportunities for Indian interest in the changing geopolitics of the region.

Ans– The conflict of Russia-Ukraine is presently the biggest Attack by one state on one more in Europe since World War 2 and the first since the Balkan struggle of the 1990s. Today we talk about the Ukraine crisis. With the intrusion of Ukraine, arrangements like the Minsk convention of 2014 and the Russia-NATO demonstration of 1997 stand everything except the void.

The G7 Nations emphatically denounced Russia’s attack on Ukraine. sanctions have been forced by the United States and by Europe and the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Japan. China dismissed calling Russia’s continue on Ukraine an “Attack”. India didn’t join the western powers censure country of Russia’s mediation and stayed under the radar on the issue. all the more as of late, India stands on a US-supported UNSC goal.

For India, the circumstances have bought both challenges and opportunities–

  1. Crude oil– This is our major import basket. the sanctions will aggravate the issue of inflation in the country.
  2. Agriculture– India imports most of the Sunflower oil from Ukraine. considering the demand of all of India, the price of Sunflower oil will further increase in inflation in India. control inflation is the major challenge for India.
  3. Banking– RBI’s believability in making expansion projections into question, as well as upset the public authority spending plan estimation, Particularly the monetary shortage.
  4. Fertilizers– India import a large number of fertilizers from Russia and Ukraine so finding alternative source may not be easy for India.
  5. CAASTA sanctions– On purchase of s-400 from Russia.
  6. Stability in Asia– The war Russia towards even close our eyes with China and growth in Russia- Pakistan relations. this will accelerate Chinese influence in Asia and create hardship for India to negotiate peace with China on border issues.
  7. Defense– India imports 62% of its arms since 2010 and also imports about 60 to 50% of its spare parts. this is ham per if the ceasefire will not happen a year ago.
  8. The war also risks geo paradise in India is linked with the United States and QUAD, which will see rule-based order in Indo-Pacific.

With the intrusion presently a way into its 6th month, Russia keeps on sending off air and rocket strikes against military and regular citizen targets. Shelling proceeded for the time being in the Donetsk, Dnipro, and Kharkiv districts. Weighty shelling in Mykolaiv in Ukraine’s south killed no less than one individual, lead representative Vitality Kim said. Ukrainian powers upset a Russian ground assault in Kherson Oblast with preplanned cannons strikes. potential open doors for India

Opportunities for India–

  1. Export– The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war main opens up 22.5-million-dollar export opportunities for India. it arises on the back of supply chain disruptions in Russian Europe trade.
  2. Manufacturing– Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are in great demand in Russia from Indian manufacturers. Earlier, Russia used to import these goods from the United States, United Kingdom, and other European countries. it is termed a situation of “blessing in disguise”.
  3. Agriculture– Russia, and Ukraine account for 30% of global trade and the war is the cereals price. India has the opportunity to fill this gap by supplying way to the Global market.
  4. Pharmaceuticals– Indian companies have established contact with European companies for various drugs and medical equipment. also, India supplies over 50% of global demand for various vaccines, 40% of generating command in the United States, and other 25% of all medicine in the United Kingdom.
  5. Investment– After the war, India could become a more interactive investment destination due to its democracy, foreign policy, internal stability, steps towards reducing the cost of doing business, and commitment to cutting carbon emissions.

In my perspective, Delhi must off continuity to all sides and engage with all the partners, keeping in mind that there is no justification for the violation of any country’s territorial Sovereignty. India must also make it clear to the countries that they will “with us or against us” formulation is hardly constructive. the best course is for all parties to step back and focus on preventing all-out war, rather than divide the world and return it to the days of the cold war.

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