Q. Discuss the reasons behind the creation of separate Bihar from the Bengal Presidency in 1912.

Bengal Presidency

Ans- The Bengal Presidency was the greatest among every one of the Presidencies in English India. While the other two Presidency, Madras and Bombay, remained geographically unaltered during the English period, the Bengal Presidency was presented to reiterated divisions. The domain of Assam was first to go out in 1866, to be followed by Bihar …

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Q.) Elucidate cyber security and its challenges for India. Discuss why cyber security should be India’s foremost priority in the post-covid-19 pandemic.

cyber security

Ans- Cyber security has turned into a complicated and quick security challenge in the time of Data Correspondence and Innovation (ICT). As the reliance on ICT is extending across the globe, digital dangers show up prone to infiltrate each alcove and corner of public economies and framework; to be sure, the developing reliance on PCs …

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Q.) Discuss various Directive Principles however this was implemented in Bihar after 1950.

Directive Principles

Ans– The Directive Principles of State Policy are the beliefs that the states should remember while planning approaches and acting regulations. The Directive Principles of the State Policy (DPSPs) set out the rules for the state and are impressions of the general goals set down in the Preamble of the Constitution. Dr. BR Ambedkar depicts …

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Q.) Discuss the issue of Non-Performing Assets in the Indian banking sector and the concept of ‘Bad bank’ to tackle this issue.

Indian banking sector

Ans– Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) are a significant testing issue in the financial area these days. A seriously wild and solid infection severely influences the soundness of the financial area and the economy of the countries. Today we talk about Indian Banking Sector, the Indian banking sector overview, and explain emerging trends in Indian banking sector, …

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Q.) Evaluate the production and productivity trends in Indian agriculture since 1991. What practical measures should be adopted to enhance agricultural production and productivity in Bihar?

Indian agriculture

Ans– Indian agriculture has been going through good changes later enough. These progressions are appearances of enormous scope commercialization and broadening occurring in the horticultural area. Today we talk about Indian agriculture, India in agriculture, agriculture Indian, indian agriculture statistics research institute, Indian agriculture problems, agriculture Indian economy, Indian agriculture minister, and Indian agriculture jobs. …

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Q.) What were the reasons behind Overseas immigration in the 19th century of British India? Discuss in light of the indentured system with particular reference to Bihar.

indentured system

Ans– India has a very complex immigration history, started in the 19th century presently all the continents have established the Indian community. In this direction, Bihar has a very long history of indentured systems in the pacific and other nations. Reasons behind immigration in the 19th century– After the abolition of slavery in 1883, the …

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Q.) Contract farming has many advantages, however it suffers from market failures. elaborate on what the government can do to tackle this market failure.

Contract farming

Ans– The term contract farming is not a new term for the world it all started in the late 19th century in Japan. then in India by the European planters during the British rule, the crops like tobacco, sugar, Jute, cotton, rubber, spices, Indigo, etc. were brought under contract farming. From that point forward, the …

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Q.) In the present scenario, the key issues in the country are “increasing population, hire health risks, degraded natural resources, and dwindling farmlands”. Discuss initiatives you would like to apply.


Ans– India is a vast country having approximately 17.5% population of the World’s population. but in terms of land, it occupies only 2.5 % of the total land area. India is suffering from issues like increasing population, health risks, degraded natural resources, and dividing farmlands. they are discussed below– Increasing population– India is the second …

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Q.) Discuss the objectives of new IT rules, 2021. Also, analyze the associated concerns.

IT Rules

Ans– Recently, the service of Electronics and Information Technology has told IT rules 2021(Intermediary rules and computerized media morals code). To manage the guideline of virtual entertainment and beyond preposterous (OTT) stages and computerized news. The public authority, through these guidelines and voices controlling disdain discourse which gets multiplied through the stages and stains public …

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Q.) Giving a brief introduction to the current Ukraine crisis, Discuss the various challenges and opportunities for Indian interest in the changing geopolitics of the region.

Ukraine crisis

Ans– The conflict of Russia-Ukraine is presently the biggest Attack by one state on one more in Europe since World War 2 and the first since the Balkan struggle of the 1990s. Today we talk about the Ukraine crisis. With the intrusion of Ukraine, arrangements like the Minsk convention of 2014 and the Russia-NATO demonstration …

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